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Sacred Rebellion

Jun 2, 2022

Ebba P. Karlsson is the International True Star Coach and founder of True Star coaching. She is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and Creating Money Coach by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and a member of ICF, The International Coach Federation. She is also the author of the inspirational memoir True Starlight. Today she works with high-performers and their partners to help them to live their lives to the fullest. She incorporates her wisdom that she gathered from over 20 years of experience with, body and health care, biofeedback, meditation, personal leadership and personal self-development.


Ebba is leading  a group to Egypt in Fall 2022 to initiate them into the ancient mysteries and to empower and awaken them to their divine essence


Since 1996 she has been running her own business involving health, meditation, holistic therapies, personal self-development, and leadership.


In this episode, Kim Andryc, Lora Solomon, and Ebba P. Karlsson discuss:

  • The power of telling your story 
  • Developing an awareness of being in shadows
  • An urge to live an authentic life 
  • Becoming who you are meant ot be


Key Takeaways:

  • You’re not alone. Sharing your story won’t only bring about your own healing, but will also start the healing of others as they realize that there are other people suffering in the same way. 
  • There are many facets to shadows, we have the ability to discover many sides of ourselves. Often we are not aware that we are living in the shadows and that’s why it’s important to explore within. 
  • The truth within wants to break free. There is an urge inside each one of us to live an authentic life. 
  • Allow yourself to fully become who you are, who you are meant to be. Release the ideal image, allow yourself to be the creator. Have the courage to call the ego out - see and identify the pattern and break the cycle. 


"It’s time for us to be open and have the courage to share the most intimate stories and releasing the guilt and shame around it. It’s important for us to heal - sharing one’s story is a gate opener for anybody." — Ebba P. Karlsson


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