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Sacred Rebellion

Jun 9, 2022

In this episode, Kim Andryc and Lora Solomon discuss:

  • Opening your mind to both sides of the issue pro life/pro-choice
  • Honoring that life allows us to choose
  • The sacred gift of life
  • The responsibility of body sovereignty 


Key Takeaways:

  • In any divisive issue, it’s important to be calm, and get to know and understand each side’s points, then form your own opinion. Don’t fall into the trap of forcing others to make the choices you think they should be making.. 
  • The very essence of life is choice - being pro life is being pro choice because all humans on the planet have choice. We get into trouble when we try to ‌tell other people what choices they should be making. 
  • Sex is a sacred gift with life giving consequences. Engaging in it casually, disrespectfully, or thoughtlessly takes away from its full expression. However, that doesn’t mean that people’s choice should be taken away from them about how they treat their bodies. Everyone has the right to learn from their own choices.
  • Your body belongs to you. Hopefully, you’ll choose to treat it in a sacred way and give yourself the respect and dignity that you deserve. 

"Maybe somehow we can come back to a middle where we have freedom to choose but we choose to treat ourselves in a sacred way…  — Lora Solomon

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