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Sacred Rebellion

Jul 7, 2022

About Angelika 

Angelika is a biologist and birth keeper from Austria. When she went to the US as an exchange student at 16, her mom asked her if she wanted to be put on the pill for birth control, but Angelika already knew that she didn't want these pharmaceuticals in her body. A few years later she read a book about natural birth control and discovered that knowing about our cycle and owning our fertility - ie not depending on anything or anybody - is a foundation for the whole life as a woman. This is especially relevant now as women are open to a new way of feeling empowered in their bodies and fertility that is free from politics. 

She later became a doula, deeply believing that birth is such an empowering experience to prepare the woman for motherhood. 

Besides her passion for female fertility, she lives a very non-standard life, aiming to (step by baby step) not have to rely on systems she doesn't resonate with (money, technology, education and health care...)


In this episode, Kim Andryc, Lora Solomon, and Angelika discuss:

  • How Angelika has been grounded from a young age to live a life without pharmaceuticals
  • What it means to be a birth keeper
  • Changing our view of the due date during pregnancy
  • Purpose in exchanging value (even if it is not monetary value)


Key Takeaways:

  • We are perfect beings learning to live in this three-dimensional world in harmony with nature. 
  • There can be a power struggle between mainstream and alternative options for giving birth, but there is a way we can see eye to eye and have the experience we long for. 
  • We are not broken. There is natural intelligence in our bodies and cycles. 


"Perhaps owning our cycle as women is one step towards something new and wonderful." — Angelika

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Available for private consultation on owning the powerful knowledge in your body. The value of my service is paid in trading services or in crypto.

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Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


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