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Sacred Rebellion

Dec 15, 2022

About Eric Osborne: Eric Osborne has a twenty-three-year history as a specialist with psychoactive and gourmet mushrooms. His first venture, Magnificent Mushrooms distributed gourmet mushrooms throughout Indiana and Kentucky. During that time he worked underground as a psilocybin facilitator until he and his wife were arrested and charged with three class B felonies.

After overcoming this challenge, Eric and his wife Courtney founded MycoMeditations in 2013, the first Jamaica-based psilocybin retreat. While in Jamaica, Eric administered over 3000 doses of psilocybin to more than 1000 clients. He also founded two psilocybin mushroom farms in Jamaica, Magnificent Mushrooms and Psacred Therapeutics. 

In 2021 Eric left Jamaica to return to the US to cofound Psanctuary; The Sacred Mushroom church with his wife Courtney and former Myco employee Athena. Eric and his wife also host the Psilocybin Says podcast which covers all aspects of wellness through the lens of psilocybin.


In this episode, Kim Andryc, Lora Solomon, and Eric Osborne discuss:

  • Coming to understand the mystical. 
  • Becoming more aware as we awaken. 
  • The benefits of psilocybin and psychedelics. 
  • Experiencing the highs and the lows of life. 


Key takeaways:

  • It takes courage to take what you learn from a mystical experience and bring it into everyday life. 
  • When you experience the reality of our connection, it transforms you.  
  • Psychedelics is a powerful tool, but it still requires humans to transform humanity. 
  • The only sin is the illusion of separation from the source and one another. 

"Become able to embrace the perceived cleanliness as much as the perceived filth and see them as equal. Everything is sacred." — Eric Osborne



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