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Sacred Rebellion

Sep 14, 2021

Has there ever been a more challenging and confusing time to be in ownership of a human body?  The Pandemic has illuminated just how lost we have gotten from outsourcing our health instead of owning responsibility for our bodies.  Dr. Kelly Brogan is a beacon of clarity for those who are willing to embody their own darkness as well as their light.  She shares intimate details of her own awakening and her continued efforts to stand in alignment with her values as a woman, mother and doctor.  For many years, most of us have accepted the narrative that the health care system can be trusted to fix us . . .  That we are broken and  need to be fixed by an external authority.   Now is the time to deeply challenge that narrative.  To navigate our choices in a brand new way.  Stepping out of "victim consciousness" is not for the faint of heart.  But the liberation that comes from standing firm in your own embodied sovereignty with humility and respect for others is the dance we are being invited to.  In this podcast we touch on the topics of what our shared values as human beings really are, what individuation requires, sitting in the tension of "I don't know" and trusting the dark night of the soul as a portal to giving birth to something better. Don't miss it!!!