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Sacred Rebellion

Sep 7, 2020

Sacred Rebellion, hosted by Lora Solomon and Kim Andryc is a sacred space for exploring the connection between health and spirituality while staying present to the challenges of the modern world. Our rebellion is focused on our sovereignty over the only thing of true value we possess. Ourselves!  Body, mind, and spirit.   We are shattering the stereotypes of what it means to be healthy and holy.
In this pilot episode, Lora and Kim introduce their podcast with an intimate conversation. Sharing their stories and struggles on the path over the past several decades and their inspiration for creating this podcast.  
In future episodes, we will be featuring healers from all around the world.  From a woman who leads psilocybin retreats in the Netherlands to another who uses plant medicines to radically transform trauma, as well as a gifted, world-renowned medical intuitive.  Each episode will be a conversation focused on how we can each contribute to creating health in ourselves, our relationships, and our world.