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Sacred Rebellion

Jan 4, 2021

Kelley Hunter, is a longtime Depth Astrologer, AstroMythologist, and StarGazer,  infusing her work with perspectives from psycho-spirituality, cosmology and holistic studies.An international lecturer and personal consultant, she writes for various publications in addition to her own Cosmic Inspiration News that comes out on New and Full Moons.

Over her many years in astrology, Kelley has found a special interest in the Cosmic Feminine, now arising in our collective consciousness, as well as in new discoveries in the far solar system that offer windows to quantum dimensions. Kelley lived for 18 years in the Virgin Islands, where she served as Astrologer for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort and the Omega Institute winter programs, and led well over 1001 stargazing nights. She is now living back in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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